Visio – How to Zoom & Pan (Tips and Keyboard Shortcuts)

In this Visio tutorial, we show you how to use the Zoom and Pan feature.

Zooooooooooom! Pan! Zooooooooooooom!

What’s the fastest way to zoom and pan in Visio?

If you work on large drawings or charts, you’ll zoom and pan a lot.

Using the zoom drop-down list and the scroll bars is very slow. Is there a better way?

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Visio – How to Zoom & Pan (Tips and Keyboard Shortcuts)

Here are different mouse techniques to make you a Visio ninja:

  • Ctrl + Shift + Mouse-click or Mouse-drag
  • Ctrl or Shift + Roller-mouse movements
  • Ctrl + Shift Zoom & Pan

The following techniques help you zoom in and out and pan the drawing window.

Zoom In 2x: Ctrl + Shift + Left Mouse-click

Double your zoom:

  1. Hold down the Ctrl + Shift keys, then
  2. Click the left mouse button

Zoom Out 2x: Ctrl + Shift + Right Mouse-click

Zoom out to half the previous level:

  1. Hold down the Ctrl + Shift keys and
  2. Click the right mouse button

Zoom to Region: Ctrl + Shift + Left Mouse-drag

Specify exactly where you want to zoom.

  1. Hold Ctrl + Shift down together, and
  2. Click the left mouse button.
  3. Drag a net around the area that you want to zoom.

Wheel-mouse Zoom & Pan

Use the “roller mouse” wheel to zoom and pan as follows:

Pan Up & Down: Wheel forward/backward

  • Roll the wheel forward to pan the page downwards
  • Roll the wheel backward to pan the page upwards.

Pan Left & Right: Shift + Wheel forward/backward

Hold the Shift key while rolling to pan left and right.

  • Hold Shift key down, then roll the wheel forward to pan to the right.
  • Hold Shift key down, then roll the wheel backward to pan to the left.
  • Hold the Ctrl key while rolling to zoom in and out.
  • Hold the Ctrl key down, then roll forward to zoom in.
  • Hold the Ctrl key down, then roll backward to zoom out.

10 Visio Keyboard Shortcuts

  • Ctrl + 1: Select Pointer Tool
  • Ctrl + 2: Text Block Tool
  • Ctrl + 3: Connector Tool
  • Ctrl + 4: Pencil Tool
  • Ctrl + 5: Freeform Tool
  • Ctrl + 6: Line Tool
  • Ctrl + 7: Arc Tool
  • Ctrl + 8: Rectangle Tool
  • Ctrl + 9: Ellipse Tool
  • Select All: Ctrl + A