Is Freelance Writing For You?

Think you’re good enough to be a freelance writer?

Here’s a quick test (and a framework to stand out from the herd).

  • Google your blog.
  • Click on the first article it shows. That’s what most people will click on.
  • Close your eyes a little bit, like you’re squinting, and scan the article.

Now, ask yourself:

  1. What made you stop?
  2. What stood out?
  3. What was/is memorable?
  4. Would you bookmark it?
  5. Would you hire this writer?

No? Yes?

To make a living as a freelance writer you would need at least five out of five.

Yeah, five out of five.

Don’t hit the Back button yet.

Here’s the solution.

  1. Go back to that article.
  2. Rewrite the headline 17 times.
  3. Write the first line – make it different than anything else you’ve read.
  4. Remove every cliché.
  5. Nuke every predicable analogy.
  6. Delete all stock phrases.
  7. Keep paring it back and back and back.

Now, start writing.

Otherwise, you’re one of million.

Which would you prefer?

  • Remove every line that someone else has written.
  • Delete stuff people skip.
  • Make it tighter.
  • Make it remarkable. “Will others remark on what I’ve written?” If not, keep trying.
  • Don’t dumb down. If you know something interesting, add it.
  • Don’t give up.
  • Keep chipping away until you, and only you, could have written it.

Now you have your own voice — something no one else can take away.