Jane Austen on Persuasion in business writing

Jane Austen “How quick come the reasons for approving what we like.”


Want to be a more persuasive writer?

A few suggestions:

  1. Tap into the reader’s values.
  2. Be decisive. Don’t sit on the fence.
  3. Force the reader to take sides, hopefully with you
  4. Ask the reader a question, often framed as a dilemma.
  5. Help them resolve it. Provide a path.
  6. Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt
  7. Gather your facts
  8. Avoid being dis-respectful to others
  9. Vary the pace
  10. Include memorable quotes
  11. Include statistics and give credit to the source
  12. Talk in an inclusive way
  13. Use a blend of ‘you’ phrasing and formal language. Avoid getting too matey with the reader.
  14. Present the case against first
  15. Identify each point you want to make
  16. Use stories to make it memorable
  17. Summarise
  18. Repeat the most important point