How to Find Freelance Writing Work on Twitter


Want to use Twitter to find freelance writing work? It’s easier than you’d think. Here’s how you can find freelance writing gigs and make a little extra income if you want. And who doesn’t, huh?

How to Find Freelance Writing Jobs

I use Hootsuite to manage my Twitter accounts. You can also use Tweetdeck or if you want. Hootsuite makes things a little easier and I’ll show you how.

FYI – Hootsuite is free. If you want the more advanced goodies, then it’s $5 per month. I’d be lost without it and it’s a HUGE timesaver.

Using To Find Freelance Writing Jobs

To find freelance writing jobs, do the following:

This means you can come back and see what other jobs are on offer tomorrow.

The Saved search appears under the Search tab(second from right tab) on the twitter homepage.

Using Hootsuite To Find Freelance Writing Jobs

You have a few more options here.

  • Login to Hootsuite.
  • Click Add Stream. A stream is a ‘news feed’ based on the criteria you setup.
  • Select Search.
  • Enter ‘freelance writing’ for an exact match.
  • Add other keywords to narrow the search, e.g. your location, skills, tools.
  • Click Create Stream. This adds a tab to your page. Drag it over to the left so you don’t have to scroll.

twitter-freelance-writingWant to change your setting?

  • Click the Preference option and make the changes.

Note that if you want to remove something, eg technical writing jobs, add –technical to the criteria. Anything with an – before it is excluded.

Does that work?

Let me know if that helps and I’ll share other tips like this.