10 Tips To Enhance Presentations

Cliff Atkinson from Sociable Media offers an excellent series on how to improve your presentations.

In previous tutorials he suggested that you tell a story with your presentation and then how to use storyboards to plan your presentation. These tips follow-up on these tutorials and are worth book-marking if you’re nervous about making your first presentation or simply want to improve your technique.

Here’s a snippet from his first tip, “The living brand”:

“In a live presentation, all eyes are on you, and you are actually a living example of your company’s brand. The high quality of your ideas, the compelling story, the interesting visuals, and the level of engagement that you achieve all contribute to a branding experience that the audience will not soon forget.”

Other tips include:

Tip 2: Toastmasters
Tip 3: Stretch yourself
Tip 4: Prepare your introduction
Tip 5: Got gobo?
Tip 6: Visual mnemonics
Tip 7: Make the conversation high voltage
Tip 8: Magnify intimacy
Tip 9: Script multiple speakers
Tip 10: Use the Beyond Bullets