Microsoft Word Tips and Tricks

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Use these tutorials to answers your Microsoft Word questions. Each week we add more tips, tricks, and templates to make Microsoft Word better, faster, and easier to use.

How To Count Every Word in a MS Word Document?

If you want to know how many words are in your document, then use the Microsoft Word Word Count tool to count them for you.

How To Insert Document Name in Header or Footer

Last week I showed you how to add a Chapter Heading to Word documents. The nice thing about this is that it shows the reader where they are in the document at any give time. But, what if you only want to show the document title in the footer? Add Document Name to Header and Footers

How To Insert Chapter Title Header or Footer

One way to make your Microsoft Word documents more professional is to use the Header and Footers to include information that helps the reader. Add Chapter Headings to Microsoft Word documents

How To Stop Word Crashing Business Documents

“I write my business plans, case studies and marketing plans in Microsoft Word. When I worked in technical writing, I wrote very long user guides and technical specifications in Word, some which were more than 200 pages long.” How to Write Long Documents in Microsoft Word

How to Reduce Large Microsoft Word Documents

Ever had your Microsoft Word file explode from 1 to 10MB in just a few minutes? In the tech doc world, Microsoft Word tends to get a bad rap, but… [How to control the file size of large technical documents] 

How to Fix Corrupt & Damaged Microsoft Word Files

What happens if you’re given a file that’s already bloated to massive proportions. It’s too late to create fancy new styles at this stage. This requires some drastic action. [How to Write Business Documents That Don’t Crash]

Right Way to Add Images to Microsoft Word Files

In the final article in this series, we look at the role graphics play in determining the file size. In many respects, the ease in which you can create a Microsoft Word file is its own undoing. [How to Reduce  The Size of MS Word Documents]

How to Compress Graphics & Embed Objects in Microsoft Word

Some final tips that may help reduce the size of your Microsoft Word files, such as: Compress graphics, Turn Off Fast Save, TrueType fonts, Delete File Versions, and Convert embedded objects into graphics. [Advanced Tips for Controlling MS Word Templates]

Why Can’t I see the The Table of Contents?

I think the problem is to do with Field Codes, so here’s a few suggestions…  [Read How to Fix Table of Content Problems]

How To Count the number of words in Footnotes?

How about if you want to go a bit deeper and count the number of words in footers, headers, or footnotes?