Disposition Plan Template (MS Word)

Use the Disposition Plan Template to explain how to dispose of an Information System in an organised and secure way so data can be transferred correctly to new systems and, should the need arise, reactive the disposed system. You can edit this 26 page MS Word template to suit your technical and system requirements.

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Disposition Plan: Purpose

Let’s say that you want to retire a software application. Maybe it’s been superseded by new technologies which offers a better solution or you’ve embraced a new strategic plan. In either case, you need to archive all the data, files, software, hardware and equipment used by this system.

With this in mind, the purpose of the Disposition Plan is to:

  • Identify Disposition System – Provide the Information System and identify key information about the system undergoing disposition, including the rationale behind this decision.
  • Notify Users – Inform all system users of the planned date after which the system will no longer be available.
  • Transfer Data – Identify a designation storage location and transfer the data to be archived onto storage media.
  • Project Management – Coordinate tasks with Project Manager to ensure data is transferred correctly from the current system to new systems.
  • Prioritize Tasks – Identify and prioritize software to be stored including communications, systems and application software.
  • Convert Data – Coordinate data migration with the Project Managers of other systems so that the current system software and data is migrated correctly to new systems.
  • Archive Data – Identify where to store software products, such as code, components, and technical documentation in secure locations.
  • Dispose of Equipment – Identify equipment used by the system and how and where it will be disposed of.
  • Report Progress – Update the Project Stakeholder when you have successfully disposed of data, software, and hardware.
  • Close Project – Outline the steps to shutdown the project, including how project staff will be re-allocated, where project records will be stored, and when you will handover project facilities. You can also migrate data to the new system if it needs these files, for example, if the new system replaces the old one but performs the same role in the company.

Disposition Plan: MS Word Blue theme


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Disposition Plan Template - MS Word 26 Pages

Disposition Plan Word Template – 26 Pages

System Disposition Plan Template

Table of Contents

Disposition Plan Template - MS Word 26 Pages

Disposition Plan: Introduction

Disposition Plan MS Word

Disposition Plan: Management Structure

Transition Plan Template

Disposition Plan: Transition Plan

Software Disposition Template

Disposition Tasks: Software Disposition

Disposition Plan: Table of Contents

1 Introduction

1.1 Purpose
1.2 Scope
1.3 Objectives
1.4 Intended Audience
1.5 Assumptions
1.6 Constraints
1.7 Known issues
1.8 Dependencies
1.9 Disposition Plan Coordination
1.10 Document Distribution
1.11 Points of contact

2.0 Management structure

2.1 Organization chart
2.2 Roles & Responsibilities
2.3 Contractors

3.0 Transition Plan

3.1 User Impact
3.2 Security Categorization
3.3 Communications Plan

4.0 Disposition Preparation

4.1 System Identification
4.2 System Authorization
4.3 System Disposition Plan Review and Approval
4.4 Distribution
4.5 Schedule

5.0 System Disposition

5.1 Rationale
5.2 Data Disposition
5.3 Documentation Disposition
5.4 Equipment Disposition
5.5 Software Disposition
5.6 Records Disposition Schedule
5.7 Future Access
5.8 Information Security

6.0 Project Closedown

6.1 Project Staff
6.2 Project Records
6.3 Facilities

7.0 Others Considerations

8.0 Post Termination Review

9.0 Appendix A: Disposal Plan Approval

10.0 Appendix B: References & Glossary

10.1 References
10.2 Glossary of terms

Disposition Plan: Format and Contents

The templates are in Microsoft Word format and can be downloaded online.

2 x Disposition Plan Templates 26 pages Download Word template

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