White Paper Writing Tips

Using White Papers for Strategic Advantage

In today’s competitive landscape, the white paper has evolved from a generic marketing document. In the IT industry, it is used to generate interest in new products [PDF]

Why Your White Papers Don’t Work

Many white papers can be very difficult to digest and come across as though nerdy-types, locked in a research laboratory for years, prepared them with very little consideration for its readers.

So, what steps can you take to make your white paper succeed [PDF

Grow Your Business by Writing Articles and White Papers

Recently we discussed the effectiveness of white papers in generating business. You might be interested in the following statistics, as they illustrate the returns you can generate from a well-crafted white paper.”

Designing White Papers

In the IT industry, the white paper has become a popular tool for promoting a product or service. It is frequently used in tandem with case studies, and other sales collateral, to promote a companys respective product of services. In this brief article, we will outline a suggested format to use when writing your white paper.

Difference between Features and Benefits in White Papers

When you are writing about a product or service, you need to understand the difference between features and benefits. You have to get this right, as the customer’s response is based on: How you converted feature into benefits and how you sold those benefits to them.

White Paper 101: Where White Pages Came From

A white paper is a government report outlining policy or authoritative report on a major issue. By contrast, green papers, which are issued less frequently, are more open-ended and may merely propose a strategy to be implemented in the details of other legislation. [White Paper 101: Where White Pages Came From]

What are White Papers?

White papers discuss a specific business issue, product, or competitive situation. In many cases, they summarize information about a topic, for example the results of a survey or study and then suggest a proposal for action, with the research data providing the justification for the action. [What are White Papers?] [PDF]