Free Tools, Templates & eBooks

Every week we update our list of free Microsoft Word templates, ebooks, and other tools for small business users. We also include professional templates that we think are worth looking at and would help your business grow.

If we’ve missed some, please let us know and we will add them to this resource page.

Free MS Office Templates

Here are free MS Word, Excel and Visio templates. You can download these templates for use in your office, home, and school.

Professional MS Office Templates

Here are professional Microsoft Word templates, such as media kits, PR marketing documents, business plans and other sales collateral.

You can also download Software Development templates and other logs, forms and checklists for technical writers.

Sales and Marketing Templates

Get Sales and Marketing Toolkits, Marketing Planning Questionnaire, Marketing ROI Calculator, Customer Lifetime Value Tool, Sales Plans, Scorecards, Client Satisfaction and other business documents.

Free Ebooks

You can download these free ebooks on business plans, proposal development, copywriting, Marketing, Strategy, Sales, Social Media, SEO and Software Development.

Some of the authors include Seth Godin, Chris Brogan, Brian Clark, Brian Solis and other industry experts.

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Small Business Videos

Do you prefer to watch videos about starting your business, how to price your product and other productivity tips?

We have over 92 videos on our YouTube small business video page. Here are some business videos to get your started.