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Want to be a better Sales Writer? These tutorials will help you improve your sales and marketing documents. Don’t forget to get the templates, and watch the videos.

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Learn more about these Marketing Plan templates- MS Word/Excel

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apple-pages-iconx32 Marketing Plan templates – Apple iWork and Numbers

Sales Writing Tactics

ms-office-icon Marketing Plan templates / Market Research templates
apple-pages-iconx32 Marketing Plan templates – Apple iWork and Numbers

Structure, Format, Grammar

Market Research Tutorial

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17 part series on creating Market Research Plans.
  1. Market Research Planning 101
  2. Why Develop a Market Research Plan? Where’s the benefit?
  3. The 3 Key Ingredients in Every Market Research Plan
  4. Market Research For Small Business Owners
  5. Remember Pink iMacs?
  6. What Jose Mourinho Taught Me About Market Research
  7. Kickstart your Market Research
  8. Rocket Science, duh!
  9. Using Market Research To Develop Brand Loyalty
  10. The Mystery of the Seven Sided Market Research Plan
  11. Stage 1 – Why Do You Need a Market Research Plan?
  12. Stage 2 – Why Some Customers Are More Important Than Others
  13. Stage 3 – How To Find The Information You Need
  14. Stage 4 – How To Collect Data
  15. Stage 5 – How To Analyze Data
  16. Stage 6 – How To Generate Report Findings
  17. Stage 7 – How To Choose Best Strategies


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