Book Review: Patricia Highsmith Deep Water

Have you read Patricia Highsmith’s High Water? Patricia Highsmith is best known for the Ripley series of novels and the films, especially the Matt Damon one. She also wrote Strangers on a Train in her 20s. Hitchcock made it into a film in the 50s. If you like intricate crime noir, you’ll love this.


Favorite Quote

“He did look like an Italian of the worse type, though Vic didn’t think he was, and it was an insult to the Italian race to assume that he was. He resembled no particular race, only an amalgamation of the worst elements of various Latin peoples. He looked as if he had spent all his life dodging blows that were probably aimed at him for good reason.” Patricia Highsmith

Video Review

High Water is often overlooked. I think it’s my favorite of her novels. I’ve read it at least twice. It’s more subtle that Ripley but the tension and characters are more believable. Ripley never struck me as a real character inasmuch as fictional characters can be ‘real’.

Here’s the review. See what you think.

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