Business Forms, Templates & Spreadsheets

Download premium business forms, templates, and spreadsheets. Find templates for setting up your first business business, defining requirements, business analysis, communication plans, employee handbooks, and policy guides.

Business Templates – MS Office

The following template are formatted for MS Word and Excel.

Business Case 22 pg template includes Need, Process, Cost/Benefit Analysis $9.99 Buy Now
Business Continuity Checklists, forms and guidelines required for continuity $19.95 Buy Now
Business Plan 40 page template in MS Word and 10 free Excel spreadsheets $19.99 Buy Now
Business Process Capture processes for technical & operations. Visio $9.99 Buy Now
Business Requirements Capture current and future needs of your business $9.99 Buy Now
Business Rules Define tasks, clarify actions and remove ambiguity $7.99 Buy Now
Communication Plan Identify writers, audience, topics, dates, delivery, issues etc $7.99 Buy Now
Employee Handbook 100 samples pages incl Employment, Benefits, Payroll, Harassment, Disciplinary, Policies and Safety $19.99 Buy Now
Policy Manual 43 ample policies, checklists, templates and spreadsheets. MS Word 68 pages $19.99 Buy Now


Apple iWork Business Templates

The following template are formatted for iWork templates for Pages and Numbers?

We’ve created these templates, forms, and checklists for software developers, testers, business analysts, and small business owners. If you scroll down, you’ll get an idea of what’s on offer. All the templates are royalty-free, which means they are yours to modify as you please. All of the content can be changed, replaced, or updated.

There are no plugins, macros, or special programs to install. The files work directly on the latest versions of Pages and Numbers as well as in the iCloud.

Template Apple iWork
 Acceptance Test Plan Apple iWork
 Acquisition Plan Apple iWork
Action Plan Apple iWork
Audience Analysis Apple iWork
Availability Plan Apple iWork
Bill of Materials Apple iWork
Business Case Apple iWork
Business Process Apple iWork
Business Requirements Apple iWork
Business Rules Apple iWork
Communication Plan Apple iWork
Concept of Operations Apple iWork
Configuration Management Plan Apple iWork
Concept Proposal Apple iWork
Conversion Plan Apple iWork
Cost Benefit Analysis Apple iWork
Database Design Apple iWork
Deployment Plan Apple iWork
Documentation Plan Apple iWork
Employee Handbook Apple iWork
Expression of Interest Apple iWork
Feasibility Study Apple iWork
Functional Requirements Apple iWork
Installation Plan Apple iWork
Interface Control Document Apple iWork
Maintenance Plan Apple iWork
Marketing Plan Apple iWork
Needs Statement Apple iWork
Operations Guide Apple iWork
Project Plan Apple iWork
Proposal Template Apple iWork
Release Notes Apple iWork
Request For Proposal (RFP) Apple iWork
Risk Management Plan Apple iWork
Scope of Work Apple iWork
Security Plan Apple iWork
System Design Document Apple iWork
Service Level Agreement (SLA) Apple iWork
Setup Guide Apple iWork
Software Development (SDLC) Apple iWork
Software Requirements Specification Apple iWork
Software Testing Apple iWork
Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) Apple iWork
Statement of Work Apple iWork
System Administration Guide Apple iWork
System Boundary Apple iWork
System Specifications Apple iWork
Test Plan Apple iWork
Technical Writing Templates Apple iWork
Training Plan Apple iWork
Transition Plan Apple iWork
Verification and Validation Plan Apple iWork
Use Case Apple iWork
User Guide Apple iWork