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Is Freelance Writing For You?

Think you’re good enough to be a freelance writer? Here’s a quick test (and a framework to stand out from the herd). Google your blog. Click on the first article it shows. That’s what most people will click on. Close your eyes a little bit, like you’re squinting, and scan the article. Now, ask yourself: […]

How to Copy and Paste Correctly in MS Word [Clipboard Tips]

In this tutorial, we look at how to use your Clipboard in MS Word so you have content at your fingertips when you need it. There are lots of hidden power tricks in Word. Learning to use the Clipboard is just one of them. Let’s get started. Using the Clipboard in MS Word 2013 The […]

How to Create an Index in MS Word [Beginner’s Tutorial]

In this tutorial, we look at how to create an index in MS Word. We also explain how to prepare your Word document before you start indexing, the correct way to index items, how to delete an index entry, and how to update the index after you have made changes. Ok, let’s start. So, you’ve […]

MadCap Flare: Displaying Navigation Links in WebHelp Standalone Topics

In this MadCap Flare technical writing tutorial, we look at how to add a navigation link to the top or bottom of topics in HTML5, WebHelp, WebHelp AIR, or WebHelp Plus outputs. This link is not displayed unless the output topic is opened as a standalone. If you click the link, you can view the […]

How to Create an Index for Technical Documents (With Screenshots)

Is an index old fashioned? With everything on the web, do you even need an index? The first thing. Not everything’s on the web. The second: What’s not on the web often needs an index to direct the reader to relevant content. The third: A good index makes good content even better. It won’t save poor writing […]

Geschäftsanforderungen Vorlagen / Business Requirements Templates

Verwenden Sie diese Vorlage Business Requirements Specification (iWork Pages/Numbers oder MS Word/Excel), um die aktuellen und zukünftigen Anforderungen Ihres Unternehmens zu erfassen. Hierzu gehört auch eine 24-seitige Geschäftsanforderungen Spezifikation, Use Case, Anforderungen Traceability Matrix und Datenmodell-Vorlagen. MS Word / Excel Business Requirements Specification (MS Word / Numbers / Visio) Apple Pages / Numbers – Business Requirements Specification […]

Vorlage Business Case – MS Word or iWork Pages 22 Seiten

Verwenden Sie diese Vorlage Business Case (MS Word or iWork Pages 22 Seiten), um die Geschäftsanforderungen , Aktueller Prozess, Dienstleistungen, der erwartete Nutzen, Change Analysis, Kalkulation, Kosten- / Nutzenanalyse und Projektplan zu skizzieren. Learn more about these business case templates Apple iWork Business Case Templates Business Case Templates You get two templates in the zip […]

Plantilla de Plan de Acción – MS Office + Apple iWork

Utilice esta plantilla para el Plan de Acción Identificar lo que quiere lograr, priorizar y realizar un seguimiento. Este paquete de plantillas de plan de acción incluye una plantilla de 14 páginas y 7 hojas (14 page template y 7 spreadsheets) de cálculo para organizar sus actividades del cronograma. Plantilla de Plan de Acción – […]

Modèle de Plan D’action – MS Office + Apple iWork

Utilisez ce modèle de plan d’action pour identifier ce que vous voulez accomplir, hiérarchiser et suivre. Ce pack d’action de modèle de plan comprend un modèle de 14 pages et 7 feuilles de calcul pour organiser vos activités de planification. Utilisez ce modèle pour: Portée la grande image – décrire ce que vous voulez accomplir […]

Aktionsplan Vorlagen – MS Office + Apple iWork

Verwenden Sie diese Vorlage zum Aktionsplan fest, was Sie erreichen wollen, zu priorisieren und zu verfolgen. Dieser Aktionsplan Template-Paket enthält eine 14-Seitenvorlage und 7 Tabellen Ihren Zeitplan Aktivitäten zu organisieren. Aktionsplan Vorlagen – MS Office Aktionsplan Vorlagen – Apple iWork Verwenden Sie diese Vorlage auf: Scope das große Bild – umreißen, was Sie mit Ziel, […]

Requisitos de negocio Especificación Plantillas MS Office + Apple iWork

Utilice esta plantilla Requisitos de negocio Especificación (iWork Pages/Numbers or MS Word/Excel) para capturar las necesidades actuales y futuras de su negocio. También incluye una de 24 páginas Requisitos de negocio Especificación, casos de uso, matriz de trazabilidad de los requisitos y las plantillas de modelo de datos. MS Word / Excel Business Requirements Specification (MS Word […]

9 Market Research Tutorials [MS Word/ExcelTemplates]

This is a 10 part series on creating Market Research Plans. Market Research Planning 101 Why Develop a Market Research Plan? Where’s the benefit? The 3 Key Ingredients in Every Market Research Plan Market Research For Small Business Owners Remember Pink iMacs? What Jose Mourinho Taught Me About Market Research Kickstart your Market Research Rocket […]

Les Besoins De L’entreprise / Modèles de besoins métier (Business Requirements)

Utilisez ce modèle Business Requirements Specification (iWork Pages/Numbers ou MS Word/Excel) pour capturer les besoins actuels et futurs de votre entreprise. Elle comprend également un 24 pages Business Requirements Specification, cas d’utilisation, la matrice de traçabilité des exigences et du modèle de données modèles. MS Word / Excel Business Requirements Specification (MS Word / Numbers / […]

Apple Interface Guidelines for Tables [Numbers Templates]

When we were designing our Apple iWork templates, we spent a lot of time reading the Apple user interface guidelines to understand how they use tables to structure data. Definition: A table presents rows of data in a single column. Use a table to present content that can change dynamically. Guidelines: Use row types consistently. […]