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Case Studies: How to Get (and Retain) Prospective Clients’ Attention

Prospective customers are interested in case studies if they are relevant to their needs, specific in terms of industry/sector/role, and backed up with measurable facts. Case studies that are general, vague, and lack measurable data are ignored. Construction Case Study template Case Studies: Getting Attention As a case study writer, what challenges do you need […]

5 Case Study Writing Guidelines

Why is it so hard to write a case study? I think it’s to do with three things: identifying your reader, knowing the topic, and presenting the material correctly. Construction Case Study template 5 Case Study Writing Guidelines Let’s look at five ways to improve the structure of your next case study. #1 Background Assume […]

Which Case Study Template Should I Buy?

Which case study template is right for your business? It depends… However, here are some things to consider when you choose which template to buy. Energy Case Study template Which Case Study Template Should I Buy? We got an email today regarding the best template for writing case studies. Here’s a few pointers: 1. Who […]

Video: How to Add Currency Symbols in MS Word (Tutorial)

Here are three ways to insert currency symbols in Microsoft Word: the Symbol dialog box, Alt codes, and shortcut keys. Video: How to Add Currency Symbols in MS Word (Tutorial) Insert Euro, Pound, and Cent Signs from the Symbol Dialog Box Follow these steps: Place your cursor where the symbol should appear. Select the Insert […]

How to Refresh Data in an Excel Software Testing Spreadsheet

If you use Excel to coordinate software testing tasks, you’ll probably want to add Pass/Fail columns to track their status. In our Acceptance Criteria Log templates, we have a Pass/Fail column that lets you see at a glance the testing progress. If you are not used to Excel, if can be a bit confusing to […]

How to Fix the Most Common Table of Contents Error in MS Word

Here’s how to fix the following error in Word when trying to open the Table of Contents. The error message is: { TOCO “2-4″H Z T “HEADING 1,1”} The problem is usually to do with Field Codes. Here’s a few suggestions. In Word, go to Tools > Options > View tab and click off Field Codes […]

Peter Bregman’s 4 Persuasive Writing Techniques

Of all the writers on Harvard Business Review, Peter Bregman is the most persuasive. He’s the only writer on HBR that I make time and stop for; others I scan. 4 Persuasive Writing Techniques He also has an interesting writing framework. Let’s take a look and see if you can apply some of his methods […]