How Do I Pay with My Credit Card instead of Paypal?


Do you want to buy something online but don’t have (or want to open) a PayPal account? Here’s how to use Visa or MasterCard to make the purchase instead.

But I thought I had to use PayPal?

PayPal would prefer you to use their services of course, but if you use the Visa or MasterCard option, they still get paid a commission (I assume). Also, by using a service provided by  PayPal, you’re more likely to sign up and create a real account.

So, how does it work?

How Do I Pay with My Credit Card instead of PayPal?

In the following tutorial, we show how you can buy templates on our site your credit card instead of PayPal.

It’s the same process on eBay and other eCommerce sites.

To get started;

1. Click Buy Now for the template you wish to buy.  This opens the eJunkie shopping cart webpage.

2. Click Checkout with PayPal. Note: All you’re doing at this point is going to their site.

3. On the PayPal website, scroll down and click Don’t Have a PayPal Account. It’s in the lower half of the page.

4.  Enter your credit card details and submit the order. That’s it!

In a few minutes, you’ll get an email with a link to download the templates.