Monthly Archives: November 2013

How to Upsell Petrol with Chocolate

When I go buy petrol, they try to upsell me chocolate. It’s pink and nasty looking. ‘No thanks, I’m trying to lose weight,’ I say, feeling embarrassed. ‘No problem,’ the attendant replies. ‘No problem?’ Was their a problem? If you run a business, it’s often interesting to look at these everyday situations and ask: Why […]

What Breaking Bad Taught Me about Availability Planning

Two of the dilemmas for Walt in Breaking Bad are scale and availability planning. Walt knows that with Jesse, his partner, they cannot reach their financial targets by selling locally (scale). Getting specific ingredients on a regular basis is also difficult, as they cannot deliver their product on schedule. Download Now for $9.99 – Buy Here! […]

The (real) purpose of meetings is

To remove obstacles. It’s not: to get status updates (that’s what status update reports are for), brainstorm ideas (that should be in workshops) or wait for others. The last one is important because it happens so often, we tend to get used to it. My approach to meetings changed after I stared working with a […]