Why Social Media Won’t Save Your Business

Ever feel that social media is a waste of time?

It sounds like heresy to say it, especially with experts telling us every day that we must have Facebook pages, twitter conversations, and linkedin networks. But here’s another way of looking at social media. It’s to do with ROI.

Who Benefits From Social Media

It’s very simple.

Who benefits?

That’s the thing about social media. Who really benefits?

Is it:

  • You?
  • Your clients? or…
  • Social media experts?

…a Lone Voice in the Wilderness says

David Armano, VP at Edelman Digital, sees it like this, “Anyone framing social media as the solution to the world’s problems is either drinking Kool-Aid or looking to make a buck.’

Social media has its place but don’t “confuse shift with salvation.”

It’s a tool, not a strategy.

Maybe I’m wrong. What do you think?