10 Steps To Better Writing

Here’s a ten step formula to writing better business documents.

What would you change?

  1. Write the first word.
  2. Write the first line.
  3. Write the first paragraph.
  4. Write the second paragraph.
  5. Connect the first and second paragraph.
  6. Write the third paragraph.
  7. Connect the first, second, and third.
  8. Read it aloud.
  9. Write it again.
  10. Continue writing.

2 thoughts on “10 Steps To Better Writing

  1. Mary Cullen says:

    I would definitely change this and add “1) Define your audience and purpose” before writing even the first word. Without this, the ten steps listed could easily produce a well sequenced, but meaningless, document.

    • Ivan Walsh says:

      Hi Mary,

      Good point. I’ll update this later on as a few others have emailed in some ideas on how and where to change things.

      Thanks for dropping by,


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