How To Find A Second Reason To Do Anything Important

When should I start my business?

When will I have all the information I need to begin?

Answer? Never.

You have to start with what you have.

In this video, I share an observation that Rajesh Setty made about getting started in business.

You don’t always need to have 4 legs to make a table; sometimes 3 will do.

Confused? Watch the video.

How To Find A Second Reason To Do Anything Important

1. Remove the legs (reasons) for NOT pursuing your dreams. The more legs (reasons) you remove, easier it is to break the resistance (topple the table) to pursue the dream.

2. Start finding legs (reasons) for pursuing your passion. The more legs (reasons) you find, the stronger the conviction (table) to pursue the dream.

Taking up his point, my religious teacher once said to us, ‘it’s not the hand you’ve been dealt that matters, but how you play your hand.’

It’s your attitude towards setbacks, circumstances, friction and conflicts that matters. Approach these in the right way and you can see how to overcome these obstacles and get closer to your true goals.

What do you think?

How do you work past your obstacles? What reasons do you use? What justifications do you see in your own thinking? Please share below.