[Video] How to use Short Videos to Find Sales Leads

Have you noticed that really successful people, the most successful in their field, rarely talk directly about their success?

Instead they tend to turn the conversation and, very subtly, remind you who they’ve met, where they’ve been on business and what they plan to do next. Video lets you do something similar. Short, personal videos are a very effective way to develop your brand, generate leads, and show people how your business works.

Using Video to Generate Leads & Show Your Success

Three ways to use video to generate new business:

  • Share Experiences – don’t talk yourself up; share what you’ve learnt.
  • Invitations – Use video to invite people into your world.
  • Generate curiosity – Encourage them to see what you’re doing.

This also works for home-office workers and Entrepreneurs who want to demonstrate their expertise. Short videos can be shared on sites that compliment your line of business. By creating high-quality video content, you’re giving others the material they need to develop their sites/blogs.

Tips for making business videos

  • Focus on one topic
  • Talk into the camera
  • Use captions, if possible
  • Edit out the waffle
  • 2 minutes per video

Does videos bring in new business? What do you think?