2 Ways to Outsell Your Fiercest Competitor

Doyle Slayton gives two tips to keep you winning against your fiercest competitor. Remember what makes you different and why is that better? And then create opportunity around your competitor’s weakness? ‘There is no room to be timid.  Be professionally aggressive and crush the competition!” Do you think this is true?
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2 Ways to Outsell Your Fiercest Competitor!

Now, this makes sense up to a point. But:

  1. While it’s important to be aggressive in the pursuit of business (we all need to eat, right?), I’d try to avoid appearing aggressive.
  2. Aggressive types tend to intimidate others; their energy tends to be negative charged.
  3. Stay focused, know your enemy, and use your charm… as aggressively as possible, of course.

What do you think?

How aggressive is aggressive? Where do you draw that line?