Increase Adsense Revenue with New Videos Ads

Google has introduced video ads to its Adsense offering.

This gives web publishers an additional option when placing ads on their site. Instead of text and image ads, you can now jazz up your pages with video content.

The video ads, or video units as Google likes to call them, allow you to enrich your site with relevant video content in an embedded, customizable player.

Video Ads vs Text Ads
Using video ads should lead to increased sales, especially in the short term as web users are likely to try the ads out of curiosity and move away from text ads.In the long term, video ads may have a negative impact on your Adsense earnings as they lose their novelty.
Other factors such as slow downloads may also become an issue.
How to get Adsense VideoSign in to your AdSense account and open the AdSense Setup tab. Click the video units link and setup up your first video unit.What video ads formats are available?

Video ads are currently available in several ad formats:

336 x 280 (Large Rectangle)
300 x 250 (Medium Rectangle)
250 x 250 (Square)
200 x 200 (Small Square)
728 x 90 (Leaderboard)
120 x 600 (Skyscraper)
160 x 600 (Wide Skyscraper)

Before You Start

To display video ads on your site, make sure you are using one of these supported formats and that you are opted in to image ads for that ad unit. If not, the video option will not be displayed.

How to enable image ads

There are two ways to enable image ads: you can enable image and text advertising for all of your pages or enable image ads for individual pages.Enabling image ads for individual pages overrides account-wide level selections.To enable image ads across your account:

1. Sign in to your account at

2. Click the My Account tab
3. Click the edit links next to the Ad Type Preference header
4. Select Display text and image ads in all ad unitsHow it works
If you’ve embedded video from YouTube into your site or blog you’ll know what to do.Once you’ve configured the options in Adsense, just embed the code as per usual which will then display the relevant YouTube content to your site.

When selecting content, you can:

1. Choose video categories to target to your site or blog

2. Select content from individual YouTube partners
3. Get video targeted to your site contentConfiguration options allow you to blend the YouTube player into your site, customize the color scheme and layout, and choose different player sizes.Why can’t I see video ads on my site?

You might not see video ads for a number of reasons.

1. Are you using one of the ad formats that support video ads?

2. Have you opted in to image ads for that ad format – otherwise, your ad unit will not display video ads.

3. Even if you are using supported ad formats, and you are opted in to image ads, video ads may not be targeted to your content for the time being.

Make sure that you are opted in to both text and image ads for these ad units to maximize competition for your ad space.