How to copy a slide from PowerPoint to MS Word

You may get an error message when you drag a slide from PowerPoint 2007 to Word 2007

As well as the slide not appearring in the Word 2007 document, you receive the following error message: Word has encountered a problem.

To get around this problem, follow these steps:

1. Open the PowerPoint 2007 presentation that contains the slide you want to use in Word 2007.

2. In the Slide pane, locate the slide that you want to use.

3. Right-click the slide, and then click Publish Slides.

4. Click Browse, locate a folder to which you want to publish the slide, and then click Select.

5. Click Publish.

6. Exit PowerPoint.

Next, open the folder where you saved the one-slide presentation in step 5.

7. Open the Word 2007 document into which you want to insert the slide.

8. Locate the page on which you want the slide to appear.

9. Drag the one-slide presentation from the folder that contains the one-slide presentation to the page.