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Example of Budget for RFP Proposal

Non-Profit Guides provide examples of covers letters, components, and budgets with PDFs you can download. “Most grantmakers will request both a general operating budget and special project budget (if applicable). Budgets are cost projections. They are also show the funder how your project will be implemented and managed. Good budgets reflect carefully planned projects.” Downlaod […]

4 Ways to Make Business Proposals More Persuasive

Yosef Mackler explains that “Before you even begin to put pen to proposal paper, consider that comprehensive preparation is critical to the ultimate success of your submission. Such preparation involves extensive thinking, reading, networking, and research.”   Download Now for only $19.99 He then outlines four areas that need considerations: Know your research field Select a […]

What to Include in Your Business Proposal

Onvia’s series of proposal writing continues with this article on what to include in your proposal: “Responding to government RFPs (Requests for Proposals) can be tricky, since there are not always requirements or standards to be used. The problem is that there is no universal standard for layout or composition when it comes to government proposal […]

2 Trends in Proposal Writing and Strategic Plans

Julie Seewald Bornhoeft’s witty and well-written article points out some trends she’s noticed as a proposal writer. 1. The emphasis is on acquiring money, rather than about structured program expansion. Unfortunately, these organizations often fail to assess all needs the organization may currently face. 2. Another trend I see is short-term thinking. The agency recognizes […]

7 Customer-Focused Proposal Writing Tips

For proposal writers, the task of responding to a Request for Proposal (RFP) can be quite daunting. In addition to the pressure of getting the best proposal in on time, defining an effective approach to the response poses several dilemmas. For example, the various proposal team members may argue that their respective contribution is worth […]

MS Word Proposal Template

Where can I find an easy-to-use Proposal Template? “Our Proposal Template can be used to create winning proposals that will sell your products and services. You can use this template to show prospective clients that: • You are a trustworthy professional organization. • You understand their needs and requirements. • Your products and/or services match […]

Survey: What Proposal Evaluators Like and Dislike

Dan Safford‘s excellent series on proposal writing stresses that, “Proposals that get the deal aren’t written to win, they are written “not to lose.” This weeks tutorial includes a checklist that shows the top items critical to making sure your proposal does not get eliminated. He adds that, “This was based on a large survey […]

Office 2007 may be Microsoft’s Titanic

The Australian publication IT Wire has an interesting angle on the new Office release. Dr Steve Hodgkinson, the recently departed Deputy CIO for the Victorian State Government, believes that Office 2007 could well be a disaster that Microsoft has created for itself. “The new version Microsoft Office… is headed for a giant obstacle with major […]

Screencast Tutorials

Techsmith (the people who make SnagIt) have launched a website focussed on their new screencasting tool. It’s worth a look if you’re interested in web content development and/or technical documentation. is targetted at professionals who want to share multimedia content online. does not resize your video! You retain the original quality of content. […]

9 Business Proposals Writing Tips

Depending upon how much you enjoy writing, writing sales proposals can be a joy, purgatory, or something in between. However, if you sell a complex product or one that involves the delivery of professional services, learning how to write effective selling proposals can be critical to your success. Some proposals are written in response to an […]

How to Write Your first Request for Proposal

Developing an RFP takes patience. Responding to an RFP is an expensive and time-consuming piece of work, too. Only a comprehensive RFP will make it easy for potential vendors to draw up their proposals and save your own time in the long run. Download Now for only $19.99 [ Learn more about these Proposal Templates ] Crafting […]