Free Tools for creating PDF Versions of Word files

I often get asked if there is a FREE tool for creating PDF versions of Word files. Or any MS Office files for that matter!

So, here is a roundup of some of the best freeware and shareware products our there.

1. PDF Creator:

This works like a printer in Windows. In other words, you do File Print select the PDF driver and then print your PDF file.

2. CutePDF from is also freeware and works exceptionally well.

3. PDF Viewers

You can get free Word and Excel viewers so people don’t even need PDF Readers


4. PDF995
Another free PDF converter for Word and Excel is at

5. Open Office
OpenOffice can handle Word documents and Excel files and is free –

And pdf995 and PrimoPdf are also worth looking at.

CutePDF has to be my favourite though. Recommended!

See you