Recommended Reading on Content Development

You might want to look at Ron Scheer’s approach based on two user-based principles: 1) Making information easy to find, and then 2) Easy to understand and use. Also, take a look at his newsletter.

Heather Martin provides top-notch online copy, print and ezine articles, web search engine optimization content, corporate communications, and much more. Subscribe to their newsletter Rank Write Roundtable

[More Articles on Content Development including links to Elements of User Experience, Jared Spool presentation, Information Integration, Standards for distributed information architecture, and Gerry McGovern on Learning how to classify]

Elements of User Experience at
Meet the Elements at and 0735712026/samplechapter 200 kb PDF.
Jared Spool’s presentation “Scent of a Web Page”
Curt Cloninger’s Case for Story Telling makes the case for considering the narrative possibilities when designing for the web as a communications medium. discusses Persuasive Architecture
Persuasive Architecture … [is] the aesthetically appealing and functional structure you create to marry the organization of the buying and selling processes with the organization of information. It’s the only way your Web site is actively going to influence, the only way you will pull (never push!) your visitors along the paths they need to walk to accomplish their goals – and yours.

Enterprise Information Integration
InfoWorld article about Information Aggregation as the middleware that can cull data from multiple systems and repackage as XML.
Standards for distributed information architecture

Digital Web Magazine on creating standards for distributed information architecture to allow for easier and more effective combination of content, resources, and metadata across sites.

Gerry McGovern on Learning how to classify “Design classification like it will be ‘written in stone.’ You don’t want to be changing your classification every six months. This will mean a lot of work and will create confusion.”

Controlled vocabulariesInterview with Jeffrey Veen and Jesse James Garrett

Creating a Website Index
Fred Liese’s article in B&A using indexes (the alphanumeric kind) on websites.

The Experts Opinion – articles on content development and design.

Writing for the Web – how to write your articles specifically for the web from Gerry McGovern

Let me know if you’d like to add any links to this list.