Visio – How to Merge Multiple Shapes into Single Shape

Feel like a Visio shapeshifter? In this Visio tutorial, we show you how convert several shapes into a single shape, and also make sure the parts can’t be changed?

Visio – How to Merge Multiple Shapes into Single Shape

There are two steps:

  1. Protect the components.
  2. Protect the group.

Step 1: Protect the components:

  1. Group the shape.
  2. Select the group.
  3. Right-click, Format, Behavior, Selection, Group only.

This protects the components, but does not protect the group from ungrouping, reshaping, or deleting.

Step 2: Protect the group

To fix this, we need to protect the group. Here’s how.

  1. Right-click, FormatProtection.
  2. Click All to check boxes.
  3. Uncheck X, Y, & From
  4. Select your grouped shape.
  5. Right-click, then select Show Shapesheet.
  6. Scroll down to Group Properties
  7. Click DontMoveChildren and select TRUE.

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