How to Write Tutorials

These videos will help you improve your writing, develop guides, write procedures, and use Word, Excel and Visio more effectively.

YouTube Video Tutorials

11 User Guide Writing Tips

How to develop a more confident writing style

How to Start a Daily Writing Routine

MS Word – 3 Ways to Speed Format Documents

How to Write an Executive Summary for Grant Proposals

How to Write an Executive Summary for a Business Plan

15 Technical Writing Tips

Google Docs: How to Create an Editorial Calendar

PowerPoint: How to Create Stylish Intro for YouTube Videos

PowerPoint: How to save PPT Files to MP4 Video

PowerPoint: How to save Password-protect Confidential Presentations

PowerPoint: How to save Presentations as PDFs

How to Create a Study Plan Before SAT Exams

What is a white paper?

Learn how to use white papers to generate sales, increase traffic, and position your company experts. IDG research found that:

How to Write a Technology White Paper to Increase Sales

This video tutorial explains how to structure, format, and design your white paper to increase sales, establish authority, and generate sales.

How to use Social Media to research, write and promote your white paper

How to use Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn to write your white paper and use them to generates leads later on. Also explains how to use Quora and other social media sites to connect with influencers.

How to write an Executive Summary for your White Paper

Need to write an executive summary for your white paper? This tutorial shows you how to do this with lots of examples and tips.

How to write a White Paper

This detailed tutorial (14 min) shows you how to write, improve, format, and review your white papers, with examples and screenshots from Accenture, Samsung, IBM, Apple, and Facebook white papers.

How to identify The White Paper Title

How to Use Google Trends for Market Research

LinkedIn – How to identify groups worth joining

LinkedIn – How to Turn off Group Emails Notifications

LinkedIn – How to Turn off Annoying EMail Notifications

LinkedIn – How to be a Top Contributor

LinkedIn – How to keep your phone number private

Why Doing Business in China is Different than the West

Simple things can be difficult when buying things in China. Patience is the key. Ivan explains why.

How to Improve Your Confidence When Making Videos

Ivan explains how to speak naturally, improve the way you present yourself, make sure you’re understood… and avoid stage fright.

Using Video To Create Multiple Streams of Content

You can create more content for your blog – and generate more business if you work in batches. Instead of creating videos, or writing blog posts, one by one, do them in batches. The video explains how. Made when heading to a museum in a Beijing taxi.

Do you really want to run an online business?

In this video, taken in Beijing’s Capital Museum, Ivan says that working a flexible schedule outside of 9-5 frees up time to do things an office job wouldn’t let him. You agree?

How to shoot your first video

Be brave, my friend. You’ll live. I did.

Video Marketing For Total Beginners

And I was a total beginner when I made this.

How to create short videos to develop your personal brand

Videos don’t need to be long. Three minutes is the perfect length.

How to storyboard a video

Imagine your Martin Scorsese…

Video Camera Shooting Tips

How to avoid making mistakes when shooting your first videos.

How to overcome shyness in front of the camera

Are you shy? Ivan explains how to overcome shyness and be more confident in from of the camera. By making small test videos every week, and watching your progress, you can see your progress and build up your confidence this way. Here’s how.

How to stay healthy on business trips in China

Yes, it’s possible.

How to get your Camera Angles right

Why the About Us page is the 2nd most important page on your site

Pretend you’ve never visited your own site. Remember, you know nothing about you. Nothing. Look at your About Us page? Be honest, whats the one thing that’s wrong with it?