How to Improve Your Proofreading Skills (For Business or Technical Documents)

In this tutorial, we look at how to proofread an academic, business, or technical document. Before Proofreading First, finish all writing, unless you plan to iteratively proof the document over a series of drafts. In other words, write, then proof, then write again. I find this works for smaller documents, but when you’re looking at […]

How to Start Writing REST or Web API Documentation

Let’s say you’ve been asked to document a set of REST or Web APIs, a new area for you. Where do you start? At first this can seem overwhelming. So many new acronyms, terms, jargon, and pieces to fit together. Here’s a suggested approach. Focus on a specific api,  for example, REST. Ignore the temptation […]

[Tutorial] How to Write a Preface for Technical Documents

Does a document need a preface? Not always. Short documents are fine without one. However, longer documents, especially those that have changed over releases will benefit from a preface. From one angle, the purpose of the preface is to set the stage. For technical documents, it introduces features, options, and enhancements. It also provides readers with […]