How to Change or Set the Default Font in Word

You can change the default font in Word, so that every new document you create has the same font/family/size you want. Simple want to save time, right? How to Change or Set the Default Font in Word When you set a default font, every new document will use the font settings you selected and set […]

How To Write Documents Faster in Microsoft Word

If you’re like me, you’re looking for ways to write your documents faster, get emails out of your inbox, and get your ezine newsletter online so you can go home and beat the traffic. There’s a lot of hidden secrets in Microsoft Word, here is one of the best. AutoCorrect makes bad typists look good […]

How To Insert the Chapter Title in MS Word’s Header or Footer

One way to make your Microsoft Word documents more professional is to use the Header and Footers to include information that helps the reader. Today, I’ll show you how to add some useful information to the header/footer areas.

A simple example is to include the Document Name or Chapter title in the footer. This helps the reader if they print out the document and also gives me a better sense of what they’re reading.

How to Fix Huge MS Word Docs

Last week we showed you how Bullet Lists can crash MS Word documents, especially if you cut and paste from several different documents. We outlined some techniques to reduce the file size, mostly by creating pre-formatted bullet lists and re-creating bullet lists the correct way. How to fix Corrupt & Damaged MS Word files But […]

How to Automatically Fix Typos in MS Word (and insert currency symbols)

You can automatically correct typos, misspelled words, and incorrect capitalization using the AutoCorrect feature in Word. For example, if you incorrectly type erport, AutoCorrect will replace what you have typed with “report.” Or if you type ‘Teh Executrie summary states’, AutoCorrect replaces what you have typed with “The Executive Summary states.” You can also use […]