How to Delete a Blank Page In MS Word

If you can’t delete a blank page in your MS Word document, it’s probably because a section break has been created or was copy/pasted in accidentally. Here’s how to get rid of the section break and delete the blank page: Click the PAGE LAYOUT 5th from the left on the top menu. Click the Page Setup icon in the lower-right […]

How to Use Wildcards to Replace Text in MS Word

In this tutorial, we look at how to use the wildcard option in the File and Replace menu to replace text in your MS Word documents. Wildcards help you search for: Variations of words Multiple words at once Similar groups of words. Find specific letters Search for text For example, the asterisk (*) wildcard searches […]

How to Move Chapters in Word (Without Damaging the Format)

Here’s the right way to move chapters in MS Word. Instead of copy and pasting, and losing text and formatting, use the Outline view to move the chapters around. This ensures that you lose no content and that all the formatting is still in place. Here’s how it works. If your page begins with a […]

How to Copy and Paste Correctly in MS Word [Clipboard Tips]

In this tutorial, we look at how to use your Clipboard in MS Word so you have content at your fingertips when you need it. There are lots of hidden power tricks in Word. Learning to use the Clipboard is just one of them. Let’s get started. Using the Clipboard in MS Word 2013 The […]

How to Layout Data in a Table [Guidelines and Examples]

If you use tables in your business or technical documents, the following guidelines will help you structure and format data in your tables correctly. Use tables to help readers understand large amounts of data which otherwise may take several paragraphs to describe. How to Format a Table The APS Style Manual recommends that “Tabular material […]

Video: How to Add Indicators, Shapes, and Ratings Automatically to Excel spreadsheets

This Excel tutorial explains how to use conditional formatting to add icons, such as progress bars, traffic lights, and ratings to a cell in Excel (with screenshots and step-by-step instructions). Click here for Excel business, software and testing templates. Video: Add Indicators, Shapes, and Ratings Automatically to Excel In this video, we show how to […]

Video: How to Restart Page Numbering in Word

In Word, you can restart the page numbering on any page. This is useful if you add a section and Word restarts the page numbering at 1, instead of continuing with the correct page numbering. Video: Restart Page Numbering in Word In the following video, we show how to update the page numbering in MS […]

MS Word: How To Create Master Documents and Sub Documents

MS Word allows you to manage large documents by creating a Master Document and multiple sub-documents. The benefit of using a Master Document is that you can structure a large document by linking a single Master document to one or more sub-documents (i.e. chapters, sections, even paragraphs) , allowing you to work on each individually […]

Video: How to Add Endnotes to MS Word

MS Word inserts a reference mark in the text and adds the endnote at the end of the document. To add an endnote: Click where you want to add the endnote. Click References, Insert Endnote. Insert your Endnote Type the endnote text. Video: How to Add Endnotes to MS Word TIP: Press Ctrl+Alt+D to insert […]