Video: How to Restart Page Numbering in Word

In Word, you can restart the page numbering on any page. This is useful if you add a section and Word restarts the page numbering at 1, instead of continuing with the correct page numbering.

Video: Restart Page Numbering in Word

In the following video, we show how to update the page numbering in MS Word.

Steps to Restart Page Numbering in Word

  1. Click on the page where you want to restart page numbering.
  2. In the Page Layout tab, click the Breaks command.
  3. Select Next Page from the drop-down menu.
  4. This adds a section break to the document.
  5. Double-click the header or footer that contains the page number you want to restart.
  6. Click the Page Number command. In the menu that appears, select Format Page Numbers.
  7. Click Start at. By default, it starts at 1. If you want, change the number.
  8. Click OK.

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