Q: Are you in an abusive relationship with your job?

I grew up in Ireland in the 1970s. We had 20% unemployment. Having a job was everything. This was before the internet, job sites, and Linkedin. At 18, I moved to England by myself. It was the second time I had set foot outside Ireland. Worse, I landed just after the IRA tried to blow […]

[Video] How to Create a 10 Week Study Plan

Find it difficult to prepare for exams, evaluations, or assessments at work? This study plan may help. How to create a 10 Week Study Plan Create a routine that works for You! 1. Find the location Reminder to study Make this your place Create rituals 2. Same time & place Start small Build the routine […]

How to start a career as a business writer

Let’s say you want to change careers and start as a business writer. Where do you start? What courses do you need to take? Is there a professional organization you should join? In most cases, no. Starting as a freelance business writer is more about starting a small business, which happens to be about business […]

Fear of Success v Fear of Failure

Why is speaking in public the most common fear in the world? Is it because when you put yourself on stage, you’re saying you’re the expert, you’re the one others should listen – you’ve made it? You’re a success. Others are getting there. Maybe that’s not true. Maybe it’s more nuanced that that. But I […]

Does job ‘security’ really exist anymore?

True story. Twenty-five years ago, a family friend was asked by the owner, have you trained Jim to go you’re job, in case anything goes wrong. Sure, all my team are trained. That’s good. But I need you to know that we’ll have to let you go. Cost cutting. Nothing personal. Here’s the kicker. The […]

How to Find Freelance Writing Work on Twitter

Want to use Twitter to find freelance writing work? It’s easier than you’d think. Here’s how you can find freelance writing gigs and make a little extra income if you want. And who doesn’t, huh? How to Find Freelance Writing Jobs I use Hootsuite to manage my Twitter accounts. You can also use Tweetdeck or […]

How To Avoid The Ugly Duckling Syndrome When Networking

Hands up who likes speaking in public? In front of strangers. Hearing your own voice as you speak. ‘Do I really sound like that?’ And then ‘working the room’, making connections, swapping cards… trying to be interesting, pleasant, assertive, and diplomatic. It’s not easy on a rainy Tuesday night when you could be at home, […]

Why You Should Never Give Advice

No one will thank you for it. Unless you’re asked… and even if you are asked for advice, pause for a moment and consider why you’ve been asked. You might be surprised to find that what you’re about to say… … could later come back to haunt you. The reason I wrote this post is […]

1 Person Business? 5 Ways to Generate New Income Streams

Tom Peters says, “the value of services will continue to fall” and that the only way to survive is to differentiate yourself from the competition. Is this true? How do you make yourself stand out from the crowd? If you don’t, what impact could this have on your career? How to Differentiate Yourself Here are […]

How Many Hours Per Week Do Technical Writers Actually Spend Writing?

How much time do you spend writing every week? Remember, you have 37.5 hours (I know!) for technical writing every week, but how much is actually spent writing? When I say writing I actually mean developing content, so this includes illustrations, diagrams, publishing etc – whatever goes into the final deliverable.

Why Don’t People Respect the Efforts I Make?

Do you feel loved? Many of us feel unloved and under-valued. We feel we don’t get the respect we deserve. I hear this on LinkedIn and Facebook: “people don’t respect the efforts I make”. Well, if that’s the case, here are a few ways to get more respect and move into a more rewarding career.