5-Part Business Proposal Writing Course

Looking for a tutorial on proposal writing? We’ve updated the five part course and added some new sections you may find helpful. Part 1 – are you writing a proposal that customers want to read or trying to promote yourself? You need to highlight your skills but it’s how you frame, position, and empathize with […]

Why ‘The King’s Speech’ attracted some investors but not others

Seen The King’s Speech? Business writers can learn a lot from it. For starters, imagine how hard it must have been to get funding. ‘Well, it’s about this guy who stammers a lot. Or stutter. Whichever’s the right word…’ ‘He stammers?’ ‘Yeah, all the time.’ ‘It’s a great story. Let me tell you what happens […]

Request For Proposals: How to Write the Format section

Every Request For Proposal includes a Format section which explains to the bidder how the Business Proposal should be written. After you have written the Request For Proposal and published it, the next step is to wait for contractors to submit bids.

5 Ways Business Proposals Can Show Value For Money

You know your Business Proposal matches the client’s requirements exactly, right? You also know that your proposal is good Value For Money and resolves the pain points for the funding agency. But, you still need to show them why.

7 Essential Ingredients of Successful Business Proposals

Ever notice that the most successful Business Proposals use the same writing formula? In general, this comes down to two things: experience of proposal writing technical and deep knowledge of the subject matter.

Research Proposal Writing: 10 Ways to Format Your Bid Document

While Research Proposals are similar to writing Business Proposals, you need to address specific academic or technical requirements in different formats. While there is no standard format for research proposals – as every research project is different – different academic institutions all have different formats and requirements.

Proposal Writing: 10 Ways to Increase Your Success Rate

Sales Proposal Writing is different than Grant Writing. Your Executive Summary needs to describe how the proposal matches the Request For Proposal requirements. Here are ten ways you can improve your success rate and ensure you win the bid.

Proposal Writing: 10 Best Practices For Construction Proposals

Kevin asked me for formatting tips for Construction Proposals. Writing a business proposal for the first time can be difficult. To make this easier we’ve compiled this list of best practices for developing your next proposal. This applies to Software, Sales, Research and Government proposals.

11 Business Proposal Format Examples

Looking for tips to format Business Proposals? These writing guidelines will help with Sales, Grant, Government and Research Proposals.

Proposal Development: What Costs and Expenses Can Suppliers Claim?

When writing your Request For Proposal, make sure it’s very clear to the bidders what expenses they can claim and what items will not be reimbursed. In your RFP include a section that describes what costs are allowed by the supplier as these could be claimed during the contract. Identify costs that they cannot claim […]

Business Proposals: 10 Format Guidelines

Proposal Format. Your Business Proposal should match the Request For Proposal guidelines and include a three-page executive summary. This applies to proposals to Government, Research, Sales and Construction Proposals. How do I format my Business Proposal? If the Government agency’s Request For Proposal does not provide guidelines, then format your proposal as follows:

14 Ways To Write Sales Proposals That Win More Business

If you’re looking for quick tips on how to write better Proposals, then follow these guidelines. Here are seven ways to improve the quality of you Proposals and ensure you win more business.

10 Business Proposal Writing Strategies

Writing a business proposal for the first time can be difficult. To make this easier we’ve compiled this list of ten writing strategies for developing your next sales, government or research proposal.

7 Ways to Get your Business Proposal Accepted

Why do some Business Proposals get accepted and others never get funding? You can improve your bid win rate if you look at how the Proposal evaluation team, and others in the procurement industry, assess, review and evaluate Proposals.

7 Business Proposal Mistakes To Avoid

Writing your first Business Proposal? Here’s a checklist of seven mistakes to avoid when responding to a Request For Proposal and other government procurement contracts.