20 writing techniques for Process Design Documents

Ask how it works. In other words, you can’t write about something until you know how it works. The key to writing process design documents is to understand every facet of the design process so you can ask informed questions, write useful material, and educate the reader. Of course to get there, you have to […]

A DHL process design lesson

Last month I bought two computers. One Toshiba laptop, the second an Alienware desktop, which came in two shipments as the parts somehow came from different warehouses. Now, you would think that companies are large as Dell and other global giants would have the delivery process nailed. After all, getting these shipments to you is […]

How to develop ‘listening skills’ to gather requirements

The ability to listen – not just wait until the other person is finished, so you can have your say – is one of those skills that makes you better at doing your job. Listening is one of those ‘soft skills’ that give you an insight into how something works, why it’s needed, and how […]

[Tutorial] How to Write Business Requirements Faster, Stronger, Better

One of the mistakes I made when starting with business requirements was that I focused on the phrasing instead of the meaning. For example: I looked at how other procedure writers wrote, adopted their style, and started to write, The software shall… or The software must… In other words, I looked at the format and […]

A Better Way to Design Business Processes

What do sudoko and business process writing have in common? If you’ve spent an idle afternoon playing sudoko, you know the pleasure in solving these riddles. In some ways, capturing business processes is a little similar. If you’ve never writing a business process before, then this tutorial may help. Let’s look at how to get […]

How to Write Your First Case Study

If you’ve no budget for marketing but an hour to spare, write a case study. Here’s why. Case studies are one of the most effective tools you can use to promote your products and services, especially if you are on a limited marketing budget. 6 Case Study Templates for only $9.99 How to Write a Great […]

Process Design Tips #11: Rotate, Change & Flip Text

Last week I showed you how to use Microsoft Visio to create business process maps, use case diagrams, flowcharts. org charts, and other type of documents. This week, we’ll look at text. How to add, change, flip and control the text in your diagrams. For example, if you have a lot of shapes in the […]

Visio Power Tips #1: Move Multiple Shapes With A Single Click

I use Microsoft Visio to create flowcharts, business process maps, use case diagrams and other type of documents. One way to create these diagrams faster is to group shapes & images, so you update all the shapes at the same time. You can also move the shapes back and forwards on the worksheet. Visio Power […]

Business Process Design Tutorial – Part 1

At the end of the workshop, our client confessed, ‘I didn’t know our business worked like that’.

We’d moved onsite and over three months mapped out the processes in his Finance, Sales and Operations Depts. For me, one of the most rewarding aspects of Business Analysis is discovering how a business works and then mapping it out in Visio.

How to Collaborate on a Business Document

Martha asked me, “I want to put a template or guidelines to my team members as a result of my research about the good way to write a proposal.” One of the problems if you’re new to writing business proposals is where to start, especially if you have to write with a team rather than by yourself. Where do you start?

5 High-Paying Careers for English Speaking Professionals in China

Many are worried that their jobs will be off-shored to India and China. You’re right. They will. But I see this as an opportunity rather than a setback. Here’s how you can take advantage of this right now.

How to Give an Elevator Pitch

What do you feel when people say, “and tell me about yourself?” Most of us dread giving the elevator pitch – the story of your life in 60 seconds. Scary, isn’t it? It doesn’t have to be. The mistake everyone makes is to take a deep break, force a smile, and then starting ploughing ahead. […]

How to Stop MS Word Crashing By Adding Images Correctly

Here’s how to Stop Word Crashing By Adding Images Correctly. Word lets you add images with different file formats into your documents, such as: Enhanced Metafile (.emf) Graphics Interchange Format (.gif) Joint Photographic Experts Group (.jpg) Portable Network Graphics (.png) Microsoft Windows Bitmap (.bmp, .rle, .dib) Windows Metafile Graphics (.wmf) Tagged Image File Format (.TIFF) […]

Mistakes in the Vendor Selection Process

Matthew Gnabasik in his book “Smart Choices: Selecting and Administering A Safe 401(k) Plan” provides some good advice on common mistakes in the vendor selection process. The 401kHelpCenter.com site have paraphrased some of them. Not Asking Enough Tough Questions: You decide to ask for help in the search process and turn to a broker or […]

11 Techniques to Increase Page Views on Your Blog

Darren Rowse is a must read for anyone interested in making money from blogging. “At least one commenter on the previous post noted that they are happy with a low page view count because it could mean people are leaving their blog by clicking on an advertisement and thereby earning them money. While there could […]