[Video] How to Create a Study Plan

Summary: Develop a study plan to set learning objectives, stay focused, and avoid deviations.

This Klariti video tutorial will explain how to prepare a practical study plan that works for students, employees, and business owners — anyone struggling to learn a lot of information in a short time period.

[Video] How to Create a Study Plan

Find it difficult to prepare for exams, evaluations, or assessments at work? This study plan may help.

How to create a 10 Week Study Plan

Create a routine that works for You!
1. Find the location

  • Reminder to study
  • Make this your place
  • Create rituals

2. Same time & place

  • Start small
  • Build the routine
  • Shrink your goals

3. Turn off distractions

  • Turn off the wifi
  • Leave the phone outside
  • Buy strong headphones
  • Time yourself always

4. 30 Min Blocks

  • Then stop, stretch
  • Start the clock
  • Start again,
  • build muscle
  • Let’s start
  • Start easy

5. Identify targets

  • Create a study plan
  • Ease into the subject
  • A schedule stops you from drifting

6. Track your subjects

  • Review frequently
  • Use Google Drive, Evernote
  • Keep it portable

7. First task

  • Make a list of tasks
  • Create outline
  • Don’t defeat yourself
  • Study to completion
  • Then start next
  • Always finish one piece
  • Avoid fragments
  • Is there time?
  • No, create outline
  • Yes, start Scan today’s work

8. Watch the clock

  • Don’t go past finish time
  • Use Pomodoro
  • Develop a sense of time
  • Stop
  • Stand up
  • Stretch

9. Go again!

  • Check next task
  • Quickly, review work
  • Stay on track

Don’t make these MISTAKES when studying

  • Pushing yourself to hard
  • leads to BURNOUT
  • Finding Loopholes
  • Undermines your EFFORTS
  • Comparing with others
  • Destroys your CONFIDENCE


1. Start early

2. Use technology

3. Feed each subject

4. Revise in waves

5. Work to the finish line

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