[Video] How to Develop a Writing Routine That Sticks

What’s the difference between a routine and a chore?

I think the problem we have with routines is that they feel like a grind. They become a chore. You keep looking for ways to put them off, find loopholes, ways to get out.

Here’s a video I put together about it. See if this helps.

If you feel that way, that things you want to do have become grinding chores, try to step back and ask yourself: what are the long term consequences if I stop doing this routine?

For example:

  • You’ll regret never writing that novel.
  • You’ll punish yourself for betraying your own values.
  • Your conscience will tell you you’re wasting a gift, even if it’s a small one that needs nurturing.

Maybe you’ll end hating yourself for not sticking with it, for not persevering that little bit longer.

But, if you commit to it, everything changes. But somehow you have to commit, in whatever way works for you. But it has to be emotional.

Then having the commitment drives you forward. Once you have that feeling in place. chores become routines, and things start to click into place.

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