Writing for the Web Tips

Writing for the Web requires new a different approach to the writing process. Before you start writing web content, try to understand the basics of information architecture and how navigation systems work. On the web, write in small digestible chucks, which fit into the information hierarchy. To create your hierarchy, outline the website as you […]

What is a Technical Writer?

Technical writers write technical documents that explain complex issues in simple, plain English. Technical writers – also know as Technical Authors or Information Designers – write material that supports software and hardware systems. They design, write and produce material that is delivered in print, soft-copy or as Online Help, such as that found in the […]

How to Interview Technical Writers

Jane R. in Texas asks for some tips on interviewing tech writers, especially when using assessment tests. Her company is about to hire their first full-time writer and they have not done this before. I’ve worked on both sides on the fence in the past, (i.e. interviewed and been interviewed) and picked up a few tings […]

How to fix problems with Table of Contents in MS Word

James in North Carolina asks, “In Word, the Table of Contents is not displayed. Instead, I get an error message: { TOCO “2-4″H Z T “HEADING 1,1″}. How do I fix this? Is it a bug? ” I think the problem is to do with Field Codes. Here are three suggestions: 1. In Word, go […]

How to manage large documents in Microsoft Word

The main issues with creating long docs in Word tend to involve formatting, styles, graphics, tables, and bullets. Formatting — cutting/pasting material directly from one file into another is best avoided as this will bring unwanted styles in the target Word file. Instead convert it to raw text and then import it. Styles — create […]

How to fix backward Ps appear in MS Word

If you open a Word document and see what looks like large Ps at the end of every sentence, then the Show/Hide marker has been turned on. Sometimes this gets turned on by accident or when you open a doc which as these turned on by default. The the Show/Hide marker is used for examining […]

How to Write Effective Business Letters

Steve Clark offers the following article written by a student in the Duke University. This paper was submitted as his final project to complete the program. Examples of Steve’s letters are available at Sample Letters. “Whatever your motivation, this article helps you to write a letter that gets published. It addresses the following elements to […]

How to copy a slide from PowerPoint to MS Word

You may get an error message when you drag a slide from PowerPoint 2007 to Word 2007 As well as the slide not appearring in the Word 2007 document, you receive the following error message: Word has encountered a problem. To get around this problem, follow these steps: 1. Open the PowerPoint 2007 presentation that […]

Example of Budget for RFP Proposal

Non-Profit Guides provide examples of covers letters, components, and budgets with PDFs you can download. “Most grantmakers will request both a general operating budget and special project budget (if applicable). Budgets are cost projections. They are also show the funder how your project will be implemented and managed. Good budgets reflect carefully planned projects.” Downlaod […]

4 Ways to Make Business Proposals More Persuasive

Yosef Mackler explains that “Before you even begin to put pen to proposal paper, consider that comprehensive preparation is critical to the ultimate success of your submission. Such preparation involves extensive thinking, reading, networking, and research.”   Download Now for only $19.99 He then outlines four areas that need considerations: Know your research field Select a […]

10 Steps to Successful Bids

We have broken down the actions you need to take into ten steps and we will guide you through the process of completing each one. Although we are presenting the actions you need to take in a step-by-step fashion, it does not mean that they need to be done one at a time. They can […]

What to Include in Your Business Proposal

Onvia’s series of proposal writing continues with this article on what to include in your proposal: “Responding to government RFPs (Requests for Proposals) can be tricky, since there are not always requirements or standards to be used. The problem is that there is no universal standard for layout or composition when it comes to government proposal […]

2 Trends in Proposal Writing and Strategic Plans

Julie Seewald Bornhoeft’s witty and well-written article points out some trends she’s noticed as a proposal writer. 1. The emphasis is on acquiring money, rather than about structured program expansion. Unfortunately, these organizations often fail to assess all needs the organization may currently face. 2. Another trend I see is short-term thinking. The agency recognizes […]

7 Customer-Focused Proposal Writing Tips

For proposal writers, the task of responding to a Request for Proposal (RFP) can be quite daunting. In addition to the pressure of getting the best proposal in on time, defining an effective approach to the response poses several dilemmas. For example, the various proposal team members may argue that their respective contribution is worth […]

MS Word Proposal Template

Where can I find an easy-to-use Proposal Template? “Our Proposal Template can be used to create winning proposals that will sell your products and services. You can use this template to show prospective clients that: • You are a trustworthy professional organization. • You understand their needs and requirements. • Your products and/or services match […]