Request For Proposals: How to Write the Format section

Every Request For Proposal includes a Format section which explains to the bidder how the Business Proposal should be written. After you have written the Request For Proposal and published it, the next step is to wait for contractors to submit bids.

Why Attending Harvard is More Important Than Graduating

You can influence others in very subtle ways. Adjust one or two key phrases in your business documents, for example, in Business Proposals, and the interpretation may be very different.

Dumb Money v Smart Money for Business Investments

You finished your Business Plan. Looks good. Checked the Business Case. Close the gaps and made the adjustments. Started to write the Marketing Plan. What next? Like all small businesses you need to make that step from the drawing board (business plan) to the high street and the only way to do this is to get funding.

Business Case: How to Justify the Business Need in 3 Steps

How do you justify to needs for a Business Case? To get started, explore the Business Needs as this is what drives the Business Case.

Write An Action Plan in 10 Steps (With Excel Templates)

If you need a sample action plan to get your business in shape, then use the following example to design your MS Word template. An Action Plan is a series of steps that helps you achieve your goals in measurable ways.

10 Ways to Improve Performance Action Plans

Use Performance Action Plans to help employees improve their performance at work by identifying goals which are realistic, practical and measurable. Here are ten practical ways to create performance reviews.Let’s get started.

7 Ways to Refine Your Business Proposal

Ever notice that the most successful Business Proposals use the same writing formula? In general, this comes down to two things: experience of proposal writing technical and deep knowledge of the subject matter.

Business Case: 3 Ways to Identify Expected Benefits

You Business Case will identify the benefits you expect to gain by undertaking this project. Define business benefits in measurable terms as metrics are the cornerstone of any effort to deliver quantifiable value.

10 Ways To Write More Persuasive Research Proposals

While Research Proposals are similar to writing Business Proposals, you need to address specific academic or technical requirements in different formats. While there is no standard format for research proposals – as every research project is different – different academic institutions all have different formats and requirements.

10 Ways to Increase Your Proposal Success Rate

Sales Proposal Writing is different than Grant Writing. Your Executive Summary needs to describe how the proposal matches the Request For Proposal requirements. Here are ten ways you can improve your success rate and ensure you win the bid.

5 Ways to Write Action Plans that Get Results

Here are five ways to write an Action Plan to make your business more competitive. Action Plans fail if they are too difficult to use or too hard for readers to understand Who does What and When. Make your Action Plan simple to follow, with clear goals and concrete deadlines.

Business Case: How to Describe Critical Success Factors

In the Executive Summary of your Business Case, you need to outline the Critical Success Factors which underpin your project.

10 Writing Tips for Construction Proposals

Kevin asked me for formatting tips for Construction Proposals. Writing a business proposal for the first time can be difficult. To make this easier we’ve compiled this list of best practices for developing your next proposal. This applies to Software, Sales, Research and Government proposals.

How to Claim Expenses During Proposal Development

When writing your Request For Proposal, make sure it’s very clear to the bidders what expenses they can claim and what items will not be reimbursed. This template is quite popular for software development, SaaS, hardware and technical service proposals Proposal Template: Main Content In your RFP include a section that describes what costs are […]

14 Ways To Write Sales Proposals (That Win More Business)

If you’re looking for quick tips on how to write better Proposals, then follow these guidelines. Here are seven ways to improve the quality of you Proposals and ensure you win more business.