Acceptance Test Plan template

Use this Acceptance Test Plan template to verify that the software meets your customer’s requirements. Use MS Word template to validate that the product meets the customer’s requirements so can accept this deliverable. File Format MS Word version of this Acceptance Test Plan template is here. Apple Pages version of this Acceptance Test Plan template is here. Learn more […]

VIDEO – What is a Business Case?

A business case is a document used to justify investment in a proposed project. Definition: A Business Case is used to get management commitment & approval for investment in business change programs. VIDEO – What is a Business Case? In this video, we look at how to write a business case, three areas you need […]

[VIDEO] What is an Acceptance Test Plan?

An Acceptance Test Plan is performed by software testers to determine if the software meets the customer’s requirements, that is, it is ready for the customer to accept the software into their environment. An Acceptance Test Plan (ATP) describes the acceptance testing process, such as the features to be tested, pass/fail criteria, approach to testing, […]

Business Plan – Excel Costs spreadsheets

Want to improve your business plan spreadsheets? We’ve created a series of excel spreadsheets for the Costs section of the Business Plan. Each spreadsheet can be easily modified, is pre-populated with sample data to get you started, and includes instructions on how to use the actual template. The Costs spreadsheets have different layouts which you […]

How to Improve Training Plan Videos with Captions & Subtitles

One way to make your training videos more compelling is to use captions. Why captions? Captions keep the reader focused, reinforce your key points and give the viewer a second way to digest your material. While watching your video, they can read along. Two for the price of one! Here’s how to do it in […]

Using Buyer Personas to Drive Ecommerce Sales

If you plan to build an e-commerce site, conducting Audience Analysis will allow you to create personas around which you can then build content. Personas as designed using the information you gathered during market research activities. DOWNLOAD Audience Analysis Templates Instant Download – Only $9.99! Worksheets include 130 points you can use to capture demographic date Audience Analysis Template […]

Steve Jobs was wrong – why ‘follow your passion’ is terrible advice

Seen that video where Steve Jobs tells students to follow their passion? It’s been viewed, shared and tweeted by millions. Millions who haven’t thought it through. Jobs made that speech as a relatively young man. Later, when revising his biography, he told the writer to explain why he said that then but why he say […]

Case Study Writing: Does Your Marketing Message Resonate with Buyers?

Do you customers understand the business value you’re offering them? Are your marketing messages convincing customers that the price you’re charging offers excellent value for money? In other words, is your messaging working? If not, how do you fix it? Download 19 Case Study templates in MS Word format 19 Case Study Templates for only $19.99 […]

How to Start Writing API Technical Documentation (with templates)

Let’s say you’ve been asked to document a set of APIs, a new area for you. Where do you start? At first this can seem overwhelming. So many new acronyms, terms, jargon, and pieces to fit together. Here’s a suggested approach. DOWNLOAD API Reference Documentation Template Get API Reference Documentation Template If your company develops APIs, […]

3 Reasons Technical Writers Should Switch To Social Media Writing

If you’re finding it difficult to get work in Technical Writing, then see if you can start a new career as a Social Media writer. The demand is definitely there. I found that it’s relatively easy to find contract work on Social Media sites if you’ve got good technical writing skills and know how to […]

What is the Recovery Point Objective in Business Continuity?

If you’ve downloaded the Business Continuity Plan Template (MS Word/Excel), you might not be familiar with the Recovery Point and Time Objectives in the matrix spreadsheet. Q: What is the Recovery Point Objective? Q: What is the Recovery Time Objective? Business Continuity Plan: Key Benefits This Business Continuity Plan helps you to: Assess potential risks […]

19 x Business Case Study Templates (with tutorial)

If you use case studies to promote your business, attract leads, and convert prospects, the following templates will help. Our business Case Study template download includes 19 pre-formatted MS Word documents, which can be easily modified to meet your next project. You also get a free 21 page tutorial on How to Write a Case Study and […]

How to Write Business Rules for Software Development

This tutorial describes how to write business rules for a software development project. These guidelines also apply to software testing, business analysis, and other scenarios where you need to define business rules for an IT system. Download Business Rules Templates (MS Word/Excel). Download Now for $7.99 Learn More about this Business Rules template What is […]

Business Case Template – Apple iWork Pages/Numbers

Download this Business Case template (iWork Pages 22 pages) to outline the Business Need, Current Process, Services, Expected Benefits, Change Analysis, Cost estimate, Cost/Benefit Analysis, and Project Schedule. Scroll down for business case writing tutorials. Download Apple – Business Case template Table of Contents Download Business Case Template – iWork Pages (22 pgs) Business Case […]

Bill of Materials Template – Apple iWork Pages/Numbers

Download this Bill of Materials (BOM) template pack in iWork Pages/Numbers format. Use it to list the parts for building a product, including software application, infrastructure equipment and physical buildings. It includes 6 spreadsheets in Apple Numbers format which can be easily converted to Excel if you wish. Scroll down for more details. Download this […]