Acceptance Test Plan (Apple iWork Pages)

Use this Acceptance Test Plan (Apple iWork Pages 25 pgs) to describe the acceptance testing process, such as the features to be tested, pass/fail criteria, approach to testing, roles and responsibilities, resource requirements and schedules. It also defines the functionality to be tested, the requirements verified by the test, test preconditions, test steps and test post-conditions.


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The file format and number of pages is as follows:
  • Apple iWork Pages 25 pgs
Acceptance-Test-Plan-Template-Apple-iWork-Pages-Introduction Acceptance-Test-Plan-Template-Apple-iWork-Pages-TOC Acceptance-Test-Plan-Template-Apple-iWork-Pages-System Acceptance-Test-Plan-Template-Apple-iWork-Pages-Schedules Acceptance-Test-Plan-Template-Apple-iWork-Pages-Schedule Acceptance-Test-Plan-Template-Apple-iWork-Pages-Plan Acceptance-Test-Plan-Template-Apple-iWork-Pages-Levels Acceptance-Test-Plan-Template-Apple-iWork-Pages-Identification Acceptance_Test_Plan_5 Acceptance_Test_Plan_4 Acceptance_Test_Plan_3

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What is user acceptance testing?

User acceptance testing, also known as UAT, determines if a piece of software meets the minimum software requirements specification. UAT determines if the software agrees with the business requirements (i.e. what business analysts have determined are important) so it can be released to users.

When is user acceptance testing performed?

After the bugs are fixed and enhancements are developed, then it is ready for UAT.

Who performs user acceptance testing?

Typically software testers, the customer, or stakeholders who perform the role of impersonating a user, that is, using the software as though they were the actual user. A non-technical definition of user acceptance testing (UAT) is when you test software so that it can be ‘accepted’ by the people you think will use your software. For example, you might create test cases that mimic the typical activities a user might perform when using your software. The tester then pretends that they’re the actual user and performs these UAT tasks. If they pass the UAT tests, then it’s once step closer to being released.


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iPhone, iPad, iMac


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If you plan to buy more than one template, you might want to look at the bundles. These are great value and include lots of different forms, checklists, and guides. Apple iWork versions MS Office versions

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