5 Ways to Improve Audience Analysis Skills

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If you're looking for ways to improve your audience analysis and conduct better market research, then this checklist will get you started.

Audience Analysis: 5 Ways to Improve Your Writing

When developing marketing plans, it is important to understand your core audience. Business Writers who fail to understand this are unlikely to generate much interest in their readers.

Audience Analysis Template - MS Word and Excel

Audience Analysis Template - Instant Download

Audience Analysis Skills

You can avoid this by using appropriate context, tone, and language suitable to your target audience.

To adapt your writing to a specific audience, focus on the following four areas:

  1. Message – What is the core message you want to convey? Have you defined what your readers really care about? What will make them take action?

  2. Argument – What would be convincing? What kinds of evidence are normally used for this type of reader?

  3. Word Choice – Remember to avoid jargon, slang and other cliché's.

  4. Sentence Lengths – Your writing style plays a key role in developing a successful marketing plan. Decide where and how you use fragments, complex patterns, short ones, or a combination?

  5. Tone – Find the right tone that matches your readership. For example, you may adopt a formal tone in white papers, a dry technical tone for technical documents, but a more relaxed tone for soft-sell sales documents.

Business writers need to combine these elements so that your writing style matches your audience. One way to check this is to read the document aloud and see if it rings true.